Skarviks Rökeris prices

Hot smoked Rainbow trout 215 kr/kg
Hot smoked fillet of Salmon 315 - 330 kr/kg

Cold smoked boneless Salmon 315 kr/kg
Cold smoked sliced Salmon  Skin&boneless   385 kr/kg

Raw spiced Salmon 315 kr/kg
Raw spiced sliced Salmon  395 kr/kg


Lavaret  149 kr/kg

Herring fillet 175 kr/kg

Mackere 128 kr/kg
Mackere fillet  Dill, black pepper & garlic 205 kr/kg

Whitefish roe  kr/hg
Red Lumpfish roe 32 kr/hg

Salmon Salad 31 kr/hg
Shellfish Salad 36 kr/hg
Shellfish Salad with garlic 31 kr/hg
Skagen mishmash 31 kr/hg
Roe sauce 17 kr/hg
Salmon sauce 20 kr/jar

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